• March Rifle Scopes can be ordered with extra three inch or 75mm (3 inch) long sunshades. These all-metal shades reduce stray light as well as decreasing barrel flare and ghosting off the target.

    DB485-0for 24mm objective models

    2-DB179-0for 42mm objective models

    2-DB115-0/-Sfor 52mm objective models
    (“-S” is for Silver models)

    2-DB256-0/-Sfor 56mm objective models
    (“-S” is for Silver models)

Honeycomb Hood

  • Anti reflective device (ARD)

    DB391-A24mm objective models

    DB391-B42mm objective models

    DB391-C52mm objective models

    DB391-D56mm objective models

MD Disks

  • MD Disk help to reduce the amount of light coming into a scope by up to 50%, depending on the conditions. This light reduction increases the scopes depth of field and, prehaps more impotantly for competition shooters, reduces the amount of seen mirage. Using a MD Disk at 60 or 80 power gives you a competitive advantage when the conditions turn bad and lets you see the target better than your competitor.
    Weight : 0.25 oz (7.1 g)

    DB269-0For 56mm objective models
    With MD disk attached,the inner diameter will be 43mm

    DB062-0For 52mm objective models
    With MD disk attached,the inner diameter will be 35mm

    DB740-0For 42mm objective models
    With MD disk attached,the inner diameter will be 30 mm

Flip Caps

  • The March Flip Caps can be locked in a fully open position. Having the caps lay flat against the scope body prevents breakage and gives the shooter a better view of the target area from over the scope.

    FC-41for Eyepiece

    FC-46for Wide Angle Eyepiece

    FC-33for 24mm objective models

    FC-51for 42mm objective models

    FC-60for 52mm objective models

    FC-64for 56mm objective models

Leather Caps

  • March offers optional Leather Caps that not only protect your valuable new scope but also provides a traditional look to a modern piece of optical art.

    LC-24for 24mm objective models :
    D10V24, D10V24M,D10V24T, D10V24TM, D10V24TI,D8V24FML,D8V24FIML

    for 42mm objective models :
    D25V42, D25V42M, D25V42T, D25V42TM, D25V42TI, D24V42FML, D24V42FIML,D24V42FMA,D24V42FIML
    for 52mm objective models :
    D40F52, D50F52, D60F52, D32V52L, D32V52LM, D32V52T, D32V52TM, D32V52TI, D60V52L, D60V52LM, D60V52T,D60V52TM, D60V52TI
    This does not fit the eyepiece of D28HV52WFIML, D28HV52WFML
    for 56mm objective models :
    D50V56T, D50V56TM, D50V56TI, D60HV56TI, D60HV56T, D60HV56TM, D60HV56L, D60HV56LM, D80V56T, D80V56TM, D80V56TI, D40V56FML(G2), D40V56FIML(G2), D40V56FML10(G2), D40V56FIML10(G2),D40V56FMA4, D40V56FMA8(G2), D40V56FIMA4, D40V56FIMA8(G2), D60V56GFIML, D60V56GFIML10, D60V56GFIMA, D60V56GFML, D60V56GFML10, D60V56GFMA
    This does not fit the eyepiece of D42HV56WFIML

Ultra Low Illumination Switch Module

  • Ultra low illumination is a very dark 4 level illumination module invisible to your naked eye. If you attach a night vision on the ocular side, even the darkest settings in the 6 level illumination are too bright. Therefore, we developed an ultra low illumination module to accommodate to the night vision on the ocular side.
    Dark settings, level “1” or “2” in the 6 level illumination module will be adequate for usage of night vision attached on the objective bell as you will be seeing the image of the night vision through the scope. For a night vision attached on the objective bell, you do not need to use an ultra low illumination module.
    *All our illumination modules are interchangeable.


Six level Illumination Switch

  • The Six Level Illumination Switch produces six levels of light intensity on the reticle. This feature is useful for precision shooting in low light or night conditions. Rotating the knurled dial doubles the intensity with each increasing level. The rubber switch turns illumination on or off while maintaining the user-selected intensity level. After one hour, illumination will automatically shut off to save battery life.


Middle Focus Wheel

  • To help with fine or rapid focus changes at different distances, March scopes can be upgraded using a 49mm diameter Middle Focus Wheel. It will assist making quick and fine adjustments easier with the focus knob.

    for Fixed power 48×52, 40-60×52 EP Zoom,
    non-illuminated models of 10x-60×52 (D60V52L & D60V52LM & D60V52T & D60V52TM)
    (inner diameter 31mm)
    for non-illuminated models of
    1x-4.5x, 1x-10x, 2.5x-25x, 5x-50x, 8x-80x, 1x-8x, 3x-24x, 5x-40x, 10x-60×56, 4.5-28×52, 6-60×56
    (inner diameter 34mm)
    for illuminated models of
    1x-4.5x, 1x-10x, 2.5x-25x, 5x-50x, 8x-80x, 1x-8x, 3x-24x, 5x-40x, 10-60×52, 10x-60×56, 4.5-28×52, 4-40×52, 6-60×56
    (inner diameter 36mm)
    for 5-42×56 illuminated models (inner diameter 39mm)

Large Wheel

  • Shooting at very close ranges often requires very fine adjustment of the focus dial. March has produced a Large Wheel to fit over the Middle Focus wheel to enhance the dial’s ability to focus clearly. A great addition to Air Rifle Field Target and other shooting disciplines requiring accuracy. Large wheel can’t be used alone as it is put on a middle wheel. There are 2 sizes available.
    Please click HERE to see how to install a large wheel.

    2-DB343-0 (3.5inch / 8.89cm)

    2-DB402-0 (4.5inch / 11.4cm)

Large Dials

  • March offers two blank dials for shooters to create their own Ballistic Drop Compensator (BDC). These blank BDCs replace the existing elevation knob on your March scope and let you create your own elevation adjustments to suit your load. Make any changes to your load and replace the tape on the dial quickly and easily. The blank dials can also be used for air rifle field events in conjunction with the Large Wheel for added accuracy at short ranges.
    Please click HERE to see how to install a large dial.

    DB392-0 (the shorter dial)for 1x-4.5x, 1x-10x, 1.5-15x, 2.5x-25x, 1x-8x, 3x-24x, 5x-40x with tactical turrets

    DB393-0 (the taller dial)for 10x-60x, 5x-50x, 8x-80x with tactical turrets

Windage Dial

  • This Windage Dial reverses the standard dial on the scope so that now with this turret left wind is on the left and right wind is on the right, allowing shooters to instinctively cope with quick wind changes. There are engraving on both sides. Right:1-9, Left:1-9

    DB209-HFor Tactical type of 10x-60x, 5x-50x, and 8x-80x

    DB046-BFor Normal type of D40F52, D50F52, D60F52, D36V52E, D32V52L, D32V52LM, D48F52, D60V52L, D60V52LM, D60HV56L, D60HV56LM

Fast Lever

  • The Fast Lever helps move the zoom ring quickly and easily without the need to shift or head positions. Ideal for rapid fire disciplines on targets at multiple ranges. March fast lever is made of plastic which the engineers at March actually put a lot of thought into. As this is not made of metal, March fast lever will not damage your scope. Also it comes off easily when it is caught in branches but when used normally, it is firmly mounted and will not come off.



Smartphone Adapter

  • Use the Smart Phone Adapter to take photos through your March Rifle Scope. The adapter can be adjusted to suit most current Smart Phones. This can be used for all March scopes. However you would need additional parts for 48×52, 40-60×52, 4-40×52, 6-60×56, 4.5-28×52 and 5-42×56.
    For 4.5-28×52 & 5-42×56 WideAngle you need additional 2 parts
    and for 48×52, 40-60×52,4-40×52 & 6-60×56 Genesis you need additional 1 part.
    Do not use while shooting for your safety.
    Please click HERE to see the installation instructions.

    DA367-0Smart Phone Adapter

    DB464-0Connecting bell(short)

       for 48×52, 40-60×52,4-40×52 & 6-60×56 Genesis, 4.5-28×52 & 5-42×56 WideAngle

    DB684-0Adapter ring for 4.5-28×52 & 5-42×56 WideAngle


    DO NOT SHOOT with the Smart Phone Adapter installed on your March Rifle Scope.
    No warranty for any damage to your Smart Phone if the Smart Phone Adapter is used while shooting.

Scope Rings

  • Precision Scope Rings manufactured by March Scopes UK are optimized for sport shooting and hunting. They are compatible with any 1913 specification rail and it features a Scope Link interface situated on the cap that allow the mounting of multiple optical accessories.
    • Lightweight and durable scope rings
    • Scope Link interface for attaching optical accessories
    • Manufactured from 7075 aluminium
    • Finished with Type 3 Hard Coat anodizing

    Please click HERE to see the dimension and weight of the rings.
    Please click HERE to see the installation instructions for scope rings.
    Please click HERE to see the installation instructions for dovetail scope rings.

    *Dovetail rings are universal. They fit both 3/8″ and the 11mm rails.

    Please click HERE to see the installation instructions for SHORTY Scope Mount.

    PC30H26Picatinny – 30mm diameter ring / height:26mm (low)

    PC30H30Picatinny – 30mm diameter ring / height:30mm (med)

    PC30H34Picatinny – 30mm diameter ring / height:34mm (high)

    PC30H37Picatinny – 30mm diameter ring / height:37mm (extra high)

    PC34H30Picatinny – 34mm diameter ring / height:30mm (med)

    PC34H34Picatinny – 34mm diameter ring / height:34mm (high)

    PC34H37Picatinny – 34mm diameter ring / height:37mm (extra high)

    DT30H30Dovetail – 30mm diameter ring / height:30mm (med)

    DT30H34Dovetail – 30mm diameter ring / height:34mm (high)

    DT34H30Dovetail – 34mm diameter ring / height:30mm (med)

    DT34H34Dovetail – 34mm diameter ring / height:34mm (high)

    AC-PC3030mm accessory top (single top only)

    AC-PC3434mm accessory top (single top only)

    AC-PRAccessory picatinny rail

    MS0001SHORTY Scope Mount
    1-8×24, 1-10×24 “Shorty” custom designed scope mount with double diameter rings.


Spotting Scope Accessories

  • The Eyepiece extension ring included in the kit extends the eyepiece so you can use it with your eye attached to the eyepiece. As it is covered with rubber, you can look into it like a binocular or a spotting scope. The difference with a spotting scope is that you can use the same rifle scope (same model, same reticle) as the shooter.
    Scope is attachable with a mount ring corresponding to picatinny rail. Includes tripod screws attachable to tripod on the market. By zooming, you can achieve a wide view (at lower magnification) and also cofirm the point of impact (at higher magnfication). The reticle of the rifle scope will aid to correct the point of impact. Middle wheel will assist you in making a fine adjustment of the side focus.

    Please click HERE to see the installation instructions for spotting scope accessories.

    The Spotting Scope Accessories kit includes the following ;
    • Tripod adapter with screws
    • Middle focus wheel 34mm(for non-illuminated models of 1x-4.5x, 1x-10x, 2.5x-25x, 5x-50x, 8x-80x, 1x-8x, 3x-24x, 5x-40x, 10x-60×56, 4.5-28×52, 6-60×56), 36mm(for illuminated models of 1x-4.5x, 1x-10x, 2.5x-25x, 5x-50x, 8x-80x, 1x-8x, 3x-24x, 5x-40x, 10x-60×56, 4.5-28×52, 4-40×52, 6-60×56), 39mm(for wide angle illuminated model of 5-42×56)
    • Allen wrench
    • Eyepiece extension ring
    • Conversion ring : This conversion ring will enable the eyepiece extension ring to attach to a wide angle(5-42×56 and 4.5-28×52) eyepiece of the new models.



Eyepiece rubber

  • This Eyepiece rubber can easily be attached to any eyepiece except for wide angle series 5-42×56 and 4.5-28×52.



Boots cover

  • These are replacement rubbers which are to protect the moving part of the scope from dust. When the rubber is damaged, you can easily replace them by hand.

    DB510-0 for 6-60×56 Genesis front

    DB511-0 for 6-60×56 Genesis rear

    DB644-0 for 4-40×52 Genesis front

    DB644-0 for 4-40×52 Genesis rear